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"Dazzling with sensory details and vibrant landscapes, these poems deepen our understanding of home in their poignant examinations of country, gender, childhood, and love. Xiao Yue Shan achieves both a delicate and fierce offering of lyricism that often leaves the reader breathless by the end of the poem. I can’t wait to read more from this poet on the rise and on the verge of something beautiful that is all her own."

— Mai Der Vang, author of Afterland
the first chapbook
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“Xiao Yue Shan's poems are both alight and firmly buried into the earth at the same time. What a wonderful discovery of Shan's poems. In a poem, "the worth of a woman's life in China," Shan writes: "in china they say a man is like a mountain/and a woman is like a river. it is because we spread/to fill empty spaces." Shan's poems both create spaces we didn't know existed and spread to fill them with new words and combinations of words. Definitely a poet to watch!"

— Victoria Chang, Guggenheim Fellow & author of Barbie Chang